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Top Hacks to Prolong the Life of Your Mobile Phone

Mobile phones have many capabilities apart from making calls and reading text messages. Those that are on the market today resemble computers. In fact, they can substitute the functions of a computer, especially the smartphones. People carry them all over and are the most heavily used technological gadgets in the world. Sophisticated mobile phones are costly and they need extra care to prolong their life. Below, we will share the insights on how to take care of your phone.

Use a screen protector

mobile phone screen protectorWith the advancement of technology, people can protect the screen of their mobile phones and prolong its life. You can use the tempered glass, which is resistant to scratches and breakage from simple falls and knocking against hard surfaces.

Apart from that, the nano liquid technology is also becoming common among mobile users. It is an advanced technology that seals your phone’s screen with a protection film, which goes beyond physical damage of the phone. Various reports indicate that the liquid screen protector also reduces that radiation and light glare, making phones harmless to the users.

Keep your phone away from dirt

People who work in construction firms and other outdoor activities must protect their phones from dirt. This also applies to those who are mostly working in the kitchen. Phones have various openings like the mouth and earpiece section, which can block as a result of dirt. When dirt accumulates inside the phone, it can affect its functionality and consequently reduce its life. The best way is to use a porch or a cover that hinders dirt from touching the phone. Also keeping it in a safe pocket can work wonders.

Avoid draining battery to zero

Your phone battery must not go to zero at all times. This habit affects many functionalities of the phone as it powers off some components. A few times may not have a significant effect, however. The best thing to do is to check your manufacturer’s menu and check the recommended battery recharge percent. Carrying a power bank with you can reduce chances of zero draining.

Take advantage of smart apps

Numerous apps can help to prolong the lifespan of your phone. The major cause of damage is the use of heavy functions that strain the processor and battery. Many running background apps can also strangle your phone to death. With smart apps, they can close all the background apps that are not in use and stabilize both the processor and the battery. This way, you can rest assured of staying longer with your phone.

Use recommended accessories

accessoriesAccessories compatibility issues play a major part in maintaining smooth operations and long life of your phone. Whether it is the headphones, phone covers or any other, make sure that these are the recommended accessories. Visit your phone’s brand website to see the best accessories you can buy. They are also stocked by authorized local dealers in your town. They may cost a little more, but for a worthy reason.

Using the above tips will warrant a longer lifespan of your mobile phone. Good phones cost higher and need equal care to enjoy their services.