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Factors to consider when buying a game camera

Trail or game cameras are mainly used by hunters or wildlife enthusiasts. Buying a trail camera is not easy considering the huge variety of cameras out there. Each camera has its unique features and of course a distinct price tag. Besides the price, most people find themselves unable to pick the differences between similar units. Based on game camera reviews, here are some factors to consider when buying a game camera.


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The resolution of a photo plays a critical role in any hunting expedition. Ideally, the more pixels the camera has, the higher the quality of your photos. There is no need to go for very high pixel levels when buying a trail camera unless you need to print the image. Ideally, go for a camera that offers a standard resolution considering that the difference between superior cameras and standard ones is the detail, which is not very important in hunting.

Battery life

The battery life of a trail camera determines how long you can use it before charging it or replacing the batteries. If you work with a place with lots of activity, a camera with a high capacity battery can be a good idea. The battery life is mostly influenced by the battery size and the type of battery. Ideally, a superior battery like the 4D that can be used to take costs more than AA batteries that can be used to capture few thousands.

Photo settings

How many photos can the camera take? Motion triggers most trail cameras. As such, some cameras can take a couple of shots every second or two whenever they detect motion. On the other hand, those with advanced settings can take up to ten shots per seconds. As expected, the chances of getting the perfect shot with the latter are quite high.


Trigger speed

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The trigger speed is the time taken by a camera to take a photo after an animal walks into the frame. Different trigger speeds are ideal for different situations. If a camera is used for game trail, fast trigger speeds are much needed unlike when you have it on a bait station. Fast trigger speeds improve your chances of getting exciting and detailed pictures.

Modern trail cameras are undoubtedly superior to those used five years ago. New technologies in the photography industry are continually improving trail cameras. Things like remote access, HD quality video settings, and infrared are examples other features to look for when buying a trail camera.