Smart Choices: Industrial PCs Versus Ordinary Computers

If you are thinking of setting up an industrial processing unit or a mechanized plant, then your thoughts should veer off ordinary computers. You cannot use an everyday PC to mine crypto-currency. There are obvious reasons for the existence of industrial PCs. Below are the benefits of going for a reliable brand.



Your industrial operations are only as good as the management practices that you have in place. Inventory management software programs provide a trendy way to keep track of your inventory. Cloud computing, on the other hand, enables you to keep track of huge data volumes with razor precision. This encourages high-end organizational practices that result in improved productivity. None of these can be done without the help of a computer with high-data capacity – one that can handle 24/7 operations irrespective of the surrounding conditions. Industrial PCs deliver the promise of high productivity rain or sunshine.

Slow evolution

Most experts agree on the calculated slow evolution in the world of industrial computers, and this is one of the features that make them suitable for industrial applications. The slow progression stems from the fact that industrial PCs are driven by functionality.


It follows that you can run industrial applications using an ordinary PC, but you will not be able to find important spare parts after some time. They shall have evolved – phasing out the original ones. This may mean overhauling the entire firm’s automation system – a costly affair that you do not want to engage in as a processing plant with vibrant plans for expansion and product diversification.

Harsh climates

Industrial conditions are prone to chemicals; machine instigated vibrations and high levels of dust particles. They can be hot and humid or cold and frosty. An ordinary computer’s fan will clog with dust and stop working after several days in an underground mine. This will mean servicing the machine regularly or buying one from time-to-time. For industries, the pinch may not be in losing a computer’s life but in losing valuable data. You can, therefore, decide to repeat the excise over and over again at a pinching cost or to go for an industrial pc that suits your line of industrial work.

Installation process

You do not need much to have an ordinary PC up and running once you have bought it. All you need is to charge it fully, install a couple of software programs and you are good to go. Note that computer viruses can paralyze most of these software applications and this may call for fresh software installation procedures.


With an industrial PC, the installation processes are nearly the same since they come with plug-ins and microchips that can be customized to suit any industrial process. The hardware material is usually the same, what differs are the software applications. Irrespective of this difference, computer bugs rarely hit industrial PCs because they connect to industrial servers. You subsequently get complete protection from intrusive online bugs that may hold your plant operations hostage besides spending less in the long run.