Music Oasis

Get free music downloads with Music Oasis! You'll have access to a wide selection of music to choose from with no purchase or registration required.
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EZ Lyrics

Find any song lyric. Quick search access to lyrics. Store lyrics for your favorite songs. Add as many songs as you want. Print your lyrics to EZ Lyrics.
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Digital DJ Pro

Mix like a pro with the Digital DJ Professional. This powerful and easy to use software supports most popular audio formats. Best of all, it's free.
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EZ Guitar Tabs

Store your favorite songs for Guitar, Bass, or Banjo with the EZ Guitar Tabs. With easily sorted music, it's a snap to pull music to play whenever you want.
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Sound Effects Collection

Tons of sound effects. WAV and MP3 formats available.
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Empower and play your music with Jajuk Advanced Jukebox! Jajuk organizes and plays your entire music collection.
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Music Oasis
Download music the legal way! Once you have downloaded Music Oasis, you can stream or download any song from the library for free and listen to music on your computer, phone or any other device!
  • It's Free
  • Listen to your favorite artists!
  • Instant unlimited access to the Music Oasis Library
  • No purchase or registration required
Genres include Country, Rap, Hip Hop, Rock, Bollywood, Worship, and more!

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