How To Examine The hardware Components

Checking the monitor or screen

The computer’s screen or monitor has pixels. Pixels have three different colours: blue, green and red. These pixels can stop functioning properly when they get damaged. Any damaged pixels will appear black or display just one colour. The bad pixels are checked using an online tool known as “check pixels.” It works by displaying all the three main colours when the pixel is dead or damaged. A black spot can also appear to indicate if a pixel is malfunctioning.

Checking the keyboard

This is one of the important components of the hardware. It is used in performing almost all the tasks. This device is very important to the laptop users. The entire laptop has to be sent away when one component is being repaired. There is an online tool which is used in testing the keyboard keys known as “keyboard Tester.”

Checking the CPU & GPU

These are the m ain processing units in a computer. They are the components which allow the user to run the different games and office applications. These components are also useful in ensuring that your device is in good condition. The two processing units should always be in a stable or perfect condition. A CPU speed test is used in testing the two processing units. The GPU can also be tested using the GFPU online tool.

Check the computer’s Disk Drive (SDD & HDD)

Most of the files, applications as well as the operating system are contained in the SSD/HDD. Your SSD/HDD should be completely healthy for your computer to perform efficiently. This is very important for those individuals who are dealing with used computers as they might not be aware of the previous care or history of the used devices and their HDD/SDD. The health and condition of the SDD/HDD can be checked using the different tools available. For instance, you can use HD Sentinel to test your HDD. This tool is also used in checking and explaining the health percentages of the Disk Drive. Another important tool which is used in testing the SDD is the SSDlife. It is helpful in showing the expected life of the disk drive and its health in percentages.

Check the RAM (Random Access Memory)

The ram of the computer is one of the essential hardware components. It is a device which has an immediate impact on the overall performance of the computer. Errors in the memory are checked using the MemTest tool. It is very important to ensure that all identified the RAM errors are fixed.